Remember how the undulating coils of a slinky would slip from hand to hand? Veniamin's Human Slinky, is a colorful and comical high-energy illusion. Adults may try to visualize exactly where he is inside the costume... kids will love the visual ness of the quadruped slinky as it rolls, sprawls, spills and dances across the stage. Featured in the world oddities book "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!: Prepare to Be Shocked!", "WALT DISNEY Special Prize" at the 24th International Circus-Festival of Monte-Carlo, "The Most Original Act" at 3rd World Festival of Circus in Moscow, "Best Variety Act" at Hollywood Best New Talent Awards and the winner of "Greatest Show on Earth" Rio Carnival.


I am writing on behalf of Veniamin and would like to express our sincere interest in having this internationally renown artist perform on our shows. He is a unique and highly visual act, the likes of which I have many tapes of variety acts on a daily basis and feel him performance is truly one-of-a-kind. An appearance by him would add greatly to the quality of our show. Sincerely, Diana Lewis Talent Coordinator for the Late Show with David Letterman, specialize in human interest guest and variety acts.

Our human slinky act is the best act you'll see this year. There's no disputing the fact that this act steals any available glory in any event that it goes to. Costumed in the popular slinky from years back, you and your guest are bound to be thrown into a state of intense excitement.

Bringing our human slinky to your event will sure redefine it and make it the fun you crave for. This act has rehearsed so well and so long to surpass the stage of easy mistakes and silly slip-ups. It is indeed a high energy illusion character that takes every stage and set it on fire with its performance.

There's no limit to how far our human slinky can go to entertain your guests, so whether it is a kiddies show, an adult event or just another cooperate party, you can be sure that the human slinky will bring the right moves and energy to match. The biggest fun lies in the illusion it tries to create, seeing how the audience would be stuck trying hard to figure out where the head or legs of the human is. There's just something mysterious but fun about the entertainment brought by the human slinky.

With this human slinky, you've got all you need to light up your event and leave your guest happy that they attended. Whatever the kind of event, wherever it is, the human slinky guarantees you the perfect entertainment addition. It's not just about the costume, but there's also the exceptional level of energy and creativity that each routine shows on stage. What if you don't have space for this incredible act on stage because the show is already completely booked? Don't worry; the human slinky can light up your show from anywhere. Either position it at the gate where it puts a smile on the faces of guests as they come in or somewhere amid the event venue and we can assure that it'll still conveniently steal the show.

If you want lively events with the best bit of entertainment, then the ever-entertaining human slinky should be your first and only choice. Are you worried about the cost of having this lovely act in your event? Well, that's probably because you've not contacted us because we offer these breathtaking entertainment at relatively low prices.

Contact us today and let’s get talking about the incredible ways that human slinky can create a spark in your event. One thing is sure- your expectations will be met and surpassed. Your event will take a new and desirable turn.