Main Slinky – Giving Your Shows and Events the Look and Feel of a Lifetime

Remember the undulating slinky and how it will slip from hand to hand, naturally giving you some measure of excitement as you watch it? Well, there's room to bring the full excitement to your event, this time with even more coordinated moves.

The main slinky otherwise referred to as the Human Slinky is a comical and colorful high-energy illusion that has its way of bringing smiles to the face of anybody, irrespective of whether they are adults or children.

The fun lies when adults try to visualize exactly where the action is inside the costume, which by the way, is almost impossible to do; Kids, on the other hand, would easily fall in love with the visual appeal of the quadrupled slinky as it gets into action, rolling, sprawling, spilling and dancing across the stage. What else are you waiting for to light up your events with the ever-astonishing Main Slinky?

It doesn't even matter who your event is for, or its theme, you can bring in our Main Slinky at any time and still be assured that it will steal the show effortlessly. Yes, words about your event will be heard far and wide, because really, our Main Slinky is not just an act, but also a story of its own. Get applauds from your guests as they enjoy the scintillating moves, lovely acrobats and perfect synchronization of our Main Slinky on your stage.

Our Human Slinky is creative and energetic enough to fit into any part of your event. So whether you want it outside, where it can attract attention to your event, or at the door where it can bring smiles to gloomy faces of guests as they walk into your event, or even on the stage where its performance will hold your audience spellbound throughout your event, you can trust our Main Slinky to fit in easily, with outstanding performances that will even surpass your expectations.  

Indeed, there's no limitation in the level of fun that our Human Slinky brings to any event. As long as you can think about a way to thrill your guests, our human slinky can get your thoughts to become a reality. Even when you don't have any idea of what you are looking for in your events, you can still trust our creative instincts to light your stage on the fire that your audience deserve. Your guests deserve a level of entertainment that's top-notch, and this is precisely what our Main Slinky brings to them.

Surely, there's a cost to getting it on your stage, but we assure you that you'll completely forget about every dime paid from the moment this incredible act steps into your event's gate. Everything from costume to performance is at a level that's better experienced than talked about.

Give your guests a time of their lives with this act on your stage!